Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Do you like my new couch?

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Relaxing Ass-Kicking

I am on my first ever spa vacation.  I have taken a few beach vacations, and one of two things usually happens:
1. I get really bored and start planning a zillion activities because my beach sitting tolerance is about .4 of a day.
2. I read every book I brought within an hour and begin begging strangers for books and read horrid things like Eat Pray Love*
So I was a little worried heading to this one that one of these things would happen, especially since my cheapness led me to only sign up for two massages in five days.  But as it turns out, the 8 books I brought have mainly stayed in my bag because this has been a non-stop activity fest.  I get up.  I hike.  I eat.  I go to a zillion classes, including two spin classes/day (this morning, the first one was 75 minutes!), pilates, stretch classes, and a class called "Bars, Balls, and Bungees" which I am fairly sure is in violation of the Geneva Conventions.  I then eat more, sit by the pool, do more classes, or go to my Thai massage.  Walking out of today's Thai massage, I would swear that I am two inches taller.
Another funny thing happened.  I am practically manic by the end of the day.  You'd think I would be exhausted, but after dinner I get super hyper for about an hour or so (and then I collapse in a heap).  I also get to hunt for bugs, but that's due to being in a desert climate with an extremely bug-phobic roommate (side story-- last night I captured and freed a cricket, and when I dropped him on the ground outside he didn't move right away and I actually said, 'Are you ok?' TO THE CRICKET.  I blame Satchel for making me think talking to animals is normal).
So yeah, I love spa vacations.   Bring it on.  And anyone who loaned me books, I'll try to get to those on my next beach vacation.
*The Italy section is all right.  But the narrotor is the most self-involved twit so following her spiritual journey had me journeying to a silverware drawer to find a fork to stick in my eye.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Death to Crabapples

Thursday, August 14, 2008

OK, now she's REALLY gone too far

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Stupid Julies Strike Again

And no, I did NOT sign up for this.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Alyssa Milano Ex-Face-Off: Advantage, Penny

I don't want to talk about Saturday or Sunday's Dodger/Giants games.  I do want to talk about the great Alyssa Milano Ex-Boyfriend Pitch-Off of Friday night, Penny vs. Zito.  I attended wearing my new hand-me-down Dodger hat (courtesy of Roger), now adorned with two "Got Manny?" signs (courtesy of Roger). 
Somewhat oddly, I ended up sitting in the same View Reserved Box I sat in with Marji for a Dodger/Giants series about three years ago.  Even more oddly (oddlier), it was once again filled with Dodger fans.  This made for an enjoyable game, and despite going 0 for 5 (only an error got him on base), Manny still entertained.
Go Dodgers!

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Satchel's Mom Has Got It Goin' On

This weekend, Glotz and Krista told me an interesting story. Alex Glotzbach, the wisest 3 year old I know, asked her father during their nightly 'deep talk at bedtime' why Satchel didn't have a daddy.  Alex is a little obsessed with Satchel (and he is, in turn, terrified of her), so her interest seemed natural.  And I suppose at that point in your life, you start to think about your family and the order of things.  But it raises a few thoughts in my mind:
1. A three year old thinks it's weird I'm single
2. A three year old who has witnessed her mother go through the miracle of pregnancy with her younger sister has decided that her "Aunt Julie" gave birth to a dog
3. A three year old sits up at night worrying about Satchel's home life
I'm not sure which of these disturbs me the most.

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Life's a beach

It's been a while since I've just posted cheesy Satchel pics.

Friday, August 01, 2008


Today, he said it best:
Word is that Androoo will drive the limo that picks up Manny at the airport.  They don't want Manny to get hurt, and figure Androoo won't hit anything.

Also, they may bat Androoo ahead of Manny, so Androoo gets some better pitches.  This is less credible than the driving bit.  Androoo was quoted as saying he was "getting some tough pitches to hit."  TJ SImers agreed--it's tricky to hit pitches that bounce in the opposite batter's box.