Tuesday, December 16, 2008


It has taken me WEEKS to recover from Arkansas.  Or more accurately, I have been completely lame about writing about it.  Here's what I remember all from all those weeks ago:
Julie's Top 10 Rad Things About Northwest Arkansas (NWA!)
10.  You can get 'to go' cups of your beverage from sit down restaurants.  Enjoyed that bottomless Diet Coke at The Olive Garden?  Why not have them pour you a fresh one in a styrofoam cup with a straw to take with you 'to go'?!
9. Sonic, or more accurately, Diet Cherry Limeade and Cheesy Tots
8. The cheer for the University of Arkansas goes, "wooooooooo, pig, sooooie!" three times, and then you yell "Razorbacks!"
7. There are three students dressed up as razorback pigs on the court during the basketball game, and apparently the 'female' one who is wearing a cheerleading outfit over her giant red furry costume was Homecoming Queen this year. 
6. Upon my arrival, a woman in my office told me the following story: "I had a GREAT weekend.  My LAST daughter FINALLY got engaged.  She's 29 and she's NEVER been married."
5. I am in the top percentile for skinny in the state of Arkansas.
4. The University of Arkansas basketball team is not great, but they have two pretty awesome freshman, so if I get stuck in this gig for a while I could win my NCAA pools for knowing they are up and coming. 
3. When you get directions from the people at Hertz to get to your hotel, and they tell you to take Horse Barn Road, what they really mean is Medical Center Road.  What's cool about this is when you retell this story to other Arkansans, they nod solemnly say, "Oh yeah, we all call that Horse Barn Road."
2.  All the roads in Bentonville eventually either lead to my office, my hotel, or a Walmart, so I probably won't get lost again.
And finally, the raddest thing about Arkansas:
1. The private jet that took me the hell out of there was stocked with BBQ and beers.
OK that last one wasn't about Arkansas, though the BBQ was acquired locally, so I suspect I could get it there.  It was Texas style, so that brought back some memories.  And flying private is really the only way to fly.
I can bring back beer coozies for anyone who's interested!


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