Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Tapped on the Shoulder

Where I work, there are many different divisions and roles, so moving people around is a big part of what management spends their time thinking about.  And they've changed the way they do it at least twice in the year I've worked here.  First, it was completely driven by the individuals, who applied for 'openings' as if they were on the open job market.  Then, it was frozen because too many people were moving too quickly.  Then, they re-started it and assured us we would express our interests and then the upper managers would do their chess game moves of us keeping those interests in mind. This is in contrast to the 'old way', where someone would come tap you on a shoulder and say, "In about two days, they're going to announce you're moving to XXX.  Congratulations!" with no warning at all.
I just became a victim?  participant? in the old way of doing things.  I am leaving my comfortable little department and moving to a completely different role on completely different businesses.  And this new role will mean a lot more travel, specifically to a little company in Arkansas.
Sorry, I'm in total shock and not supposed to tell anyone here and am still at work so I guess venting on my blog (readership: 2 people) was my first instinct.  At least if this all comes to fruition, I can start a new theme on juliedelphia: julietonville (julieakansas?).


Anonymous Mary Rothschild said...

Oh, Jules, Arkansas? Well, at least you can have some good barbecue and don't forget that Arkansas specialty of fried pickles--and no, I didn't make that up! I had them in Jonesboro (and they'd been written up in the NY Times). It may widen your culinary horizons--or not.

11:59 PM  
Blogger Ruthie J. said...

Maybe it should be your last name... Like Juliedelphia Davissansas. Spend a weekend in Houston! I have so many fun new places to take you that don't involve taking you to the Woodlands!

6:23 PM  
Blogger LL said...

Jukansborphil. It just has a ring.

3:36 PM  

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