Monday, October 06, 2008

Birthday Genius!

It was Satchel's 2nd birthday on Saturday.  And I'm not saying he's a genius, but read this story and you make the call.
On Friday night he was frantically unpacking his toy box (as he does every time I attempt to clean up the million dog toys he insists on scattering around my living and dining rooms).  He gets to a point where he can't reach the bottom row of toys in the toy box, and he begins communicating his displeasure.  First he touches his nose against my leg, looks me in the eyes, and sighs really loudly.  If that fails, he begins his quiet sobs, escalating to full crying and growling.  I was responsive at level 1, and began taking toys out one by one to see which one was so urgently required, and if he did not take the toy I would put it back in the box.  Easter chicken?  No.  Tire rope?  Not even an glance.  But then, I pulled out a plush birthday cake with the words "Birthday Boy" written across the top, a gift for his first half birthday from his Philly girlfriend at the dog store.  He snatched it out my hands and ran across the room to begin wrestling with it.  I'm not suggesting he can read or knows when his birthday is, but I can honestly say he had not played with that toy in months.  It's never been one of his favorites.
Must be the poodle half.


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