Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Alyssa Milano Ex-Face-Off: Advantage, Penny

I don't want to talk about Saturday or Sunday's Dodger/Giants games.  I do want to talk about the great Alyssa Milano Ex-Boyfriend Pitch-Off of Friday night, Penny vs. Zito.  I attended wearing my new hand-me-down Dodger hat (courtesy of Roger), now adorned with two "Got Manny?" signs (courtesy of Roger). 
Somewhat oddly, I ended up sitting in the same View Reserved Box I sat in with Marji for a Dodger/Giants series about three years ago.  Even more oddly (oddlier), it was once again filled with Dodger fans.  This made for an enjoyable game, and despite going 0 for 5 (only an error got him on base), Manny still entertained.
Go Dodgers!


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