Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Stupid Julies

My love of gmail has been long offset by one major problem: it does not filter for Stupid Julies.
Who are Stupid Julies?  Stupid Julies are Julies who think that they have my email address, and therefore use it to sign up for things.  Things they have signed (me) up for include:
Daily astrology emails-- tailored to my sign (only it's not my sign, it's some other Julie's sign)
Natural childbirth center in New Mexico's mailing list
Pre-school class moms' mailing list
Church group directory
Fit flops- this one was an order confirmation (I have her home address!) for what I suspect are shoes which help you walk away cellulite-- good luck with that one, Stupid Julie in Virginia.
Some sort of very active group in Spanish
Stanford Class of '98 reunion news (this Stupid Julie actually registered herself in the Stanford Alumni directory with my email address, but I had Stanford take care of it-- one down!)
And no these are definitely not spam.  These are really concerned pre-school moms and midwives and fit flop salespeople who believe they are contacting the right person.
But the capper came today with a strange 'event request form'.  This Stupid Julie WORKS FOR GOOGLE.  Yes, I got a confirmation email to my email address from an event request system internal to Google, confirming this SJ's request to set up an event for Google employees at the main campus. 
Have any of these Stupid Julies realized that they never get the emails they're expecting?  How could they THINK they have an email address which they do not have?


Anonymous charles said...

I have now received two Charles Morons. The first was an invoice for physical therapy in Switzerland. The second was a tuxedo rental ready notice from Virginia. I called the offending Men's Wearhouse from the latter and let them know the eamil address on that account was incorrect, but I did flirt with the idea of changing the order to one of these.

6:07 PM  

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