Tuesday, June 24, 2008

LoFoMa Stinks!

I am loving my new apartment, though it is far from settled and I have a long way to go before it will be.  I'm also enjoying my location a scant three blocks from my former home in Russian Hollow.  I have officially changed zip codes and can no longer deny the Marina-ness of where I live, but since I'm closer to Polk than I am to Fillmore (the start of the true Marina), and closer to the heart of Cow Hollow as well, saying I live in the Marina is a bit misleading.  People have been reacting to the Russiarina with confusion, so I think Lower Fort Mason is going to be my new name for this neighborhood.  Fort Mason is Satchel's regular weekday park, and is where I've seen the wild parrots many times.
Today, my Fort Mason adjacency became even clearer on my morning walk.  We were rounding the corner, still four blocks from the edge of the park, when I saw dark little creatures scurrying across the sidewalk and into the bushes in front of a building.  I freaked out thinking it was a pack of rats (it is trash day), and was unsure if I should continue walking my 'bigger than a rat but smaller than a pack of rats' cockapoo or turn around.  I decided to continue, and when I was still about 10 yards away saw this 'pack' up closely as it scurried away from the building across the street.  It was two skunks, and I had mistaken their long tails as separate animals.  Fortunately Satchel and I did not get sprayed (I know a woman who had the misfortune of having her dog get sprayed at Fort Mason), and I now know to keep my eyes open, even on the city streets.


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