Thursday, May 08, 2008


That's the elation over being in escrow.  I bought a place!  Or I'm 30-45 days away from buying a place, and so far have put down a 3% deposit on a place.  It's exciting.  More exciting is Satchel spontaneously pooped in front of it despite not knowing it's his future home (it's about three blocks from our current abode, and on the way to the park), so he's already comfortable there.
That's all that's been consuming me these days.  Given I have nothing to write about any more, maybe the pitfalls of home ownership will become my new theme.
More soon...


Anonymous Mary Rothschild said...

Congratulations on your escrowlation! I hope I will see it when I visit Sasha in June. Welcome to the joys of home ownership. Love, Mary

2:28 AM  

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