Thursday, April 03, 2008

Satchel Yo-Yo

Oh, the excitement of spring. The Dodgers are back. I no longer am dominating the Wharton pool because a certain team (cough LOUISVILLE cough) failed to do what they were supposed to do. Of course, I respect no one who got the final four right, because picking four #1 seeds.... sorry, I fell asleep from boredom just thinking about it.

I think a year ago I was dressing up for a Playboy party and getting ready to get all my stuff stolen in Miami. My excitement for this week? I got Satchel an extendable leash. Walking him now is kind of like having a cockapoo yo-yo: I walk as I normally would, and he runs from 15 feet ahead of me to 15 feet behind me and back again. It's great for him, and it's great for me too. It solves the problem I used to have when he'd sometimes go on strike and throw his body down and refuse to walk any more, usually because I made him leave the dog treat store, which he believes is his rightful home. Now I get about 15 feet ahead of him and the separation anxiety wins out and he runs to catch up. It's fantastic.

Also, as a follow up to my Muni Tales, one of the drivers (the one who ran the red lights early in the morning) was named "Luwana". I could not make this stuff up.


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