Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Graduated too soon

Potbelly, my favorite sandwich chain, opened in Philadelphia not two
months after I left! I am extremely bummed about my missed
opportunities, and hope my 1.5 Wharton readers take advantage of the
12th and Walnut location.

In other news, severe matting resulted in Satchel getting completely
shaved (again), so he is now sporting a t-shirt, and his head looks
about 10x too big for his body. But the hair was clearly holding him
back, because 'drowned rat' Satchel is bolder and more hyper than
dreadlocked Satchel ever was. He's also wearing a t-shirt with a
skull and crossbones on it, which may have some effect (the groomer
said it was too cold out for him to be 'naked' in his new cut).

Two days til UCLA/Stanford!


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