Thursday, January 17, 2008

I Recognize

That it's been radio silence. A few reasons: work is very busy;
life, while good, is relatively uneventful; and I'm unclear how much
this blog can be "cute things Satchel did today" (on that last one,
since Marji and Roger might be my only readers left, I suspect that's
actually OK).

Some fun things I've noticed lately:

Working at a big company is FUN. We have weird quirks like you have
to bring your own Kleenex and it takes over a month to get your desk
moved when they move you to the wrong spot.

Satchel is CUTE. He's seriously become more hilarious every day. And
since his new walker is in love with him, she takes him out for way
longer than she is supposed to and he seems to need me very little on

My new apartment is GREAT but MESSY. I love the new 'hood, and Fort
Mason has become my favorite Saturday morning dog playground. I'm
also loving the easy access to Greens and Nick's Crispy Tacos, and am
addicted to the arancini at Ottomisto.

That's all. It's not much, but it's all good. I'm heading to LA for
a celebrity (minor, but big to me!) photo shoot tomorrow, and then
back up here with Laura of SE Asia travel fame for the weekend.

Maybe I'll even post some NYE pics eventually.


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