Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Cinema Corner

I did something last weekend that I haven't done in way too long,
which is see movies; two movies in one weekend, as a matter of fact.
I had a great movie buddy in Philly with whom I'd maybe squeeze in one
movie every other month, since the theaters were so inconvenient and
our schedules were so crazy. But I remember feeling like every time I
went and saw a movie (or cooked a good meal) that I felt more like
myself and at one with the universe. It's funny, I had lunch with a
co-worker of mine today and she was telling me about realizing during
her first year of business school that she was unhappy with her life
because she no longer was doing any recreational reading. She made a
point of reincorporating it into her life the next semester and all
was well.

Anyhow, that's a long unexpectedly cheesy intro to two movie reviews.
The first was American Gangster, which is not that good. The acting
is very good, and there are some very strong moustaches. But it's too
long and yet still doesn't have enough to it to be a really great
film. What I liked most about it is a girl I've met at work who I
decided is a potential new movie buddy told me prior to seeing it that
it wasn't that good (I went anyhow because some friends wanted to).
So I feel like seeing a not great movie to confirm that this girl is a
potential movie soulmate was well worth it.

The second was the movie Gone Baby Gone, which is unfortunately nearly
gone baby gone from the theaters. But it was really really good and
marks the directorial debut of one Ben Affleck. It was very
depressing, and I truly believe that Boston should be the setting for
every crime film after this and the departed. If that city is really
like that, I don't know how anyone lives there. But it was
suspenseful, well cast, and I got really sucked in. And if it's wrong
to live in a world where Ben Affleck is the brainy artistic genius one
and Matt Damon is the sexy one, I don't want to be right.


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