Monday, October 22, 2007

SoCal's Burning

I was in Southern California for most of the weekend, and so got to
enjoy the 50mph winds and the smoke-filled views. I keep doing a
double take looking out the windows in my building because it's so
amazingly clear here, and Sunday in Orange County was almost like
being in a fog bank, except it was smoke.

On Sunday night, I had the great pleasure of watching the Red Sox and
the Broncos (quite excitingly) win big games while I was on Jet Blue.
It's pretty funny when 75% of the plane is watching the same sporting
event and so people yell when things happen. It's nice that in
today's atmosphere of fearful flyers that a well-timed RBI can have
people throwing their arms up in the air and yelling "YES!" at the top
of their lungs. It was also awesome that the woman sitting next to me
was rooting for the Steelers, and that I probably elbowed her a bit
doing my 'seated cabbage patch' when Elam nailed the field goal for
the win.

Now I'm living Satchel-free (for almost two full weeks!), and I must
say the apartment feels empty.


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