Monday, October 01, 2007

Odds and Ends

When they say they clean out the contents of the work fridge once a month, would you ever imagine they'd throw away a full can of Diet Cherry Coke I had left in there over the weekend?  I can understand tossing the containers of leftover lasagna, but clearly my DCC had not gone bad.  Needless to say, I am grumpy this afternoon.
I don't think I shared the story about my BART ride home last week when a man who smelled like he had just taken a bath in gin sat next to me and then tried to use my thigh as a handrest for two stops.  I kept scooting closer to the window, he kept inching his arm our and curving his hand closer.  It was disgusting.  Fortunately, just as I was about to leap up, we reached his next stop on his pub crawl and he disembarked.
Satchel had quite a little project on Saturday attempting to retrieve his hairbrush from the increasingly harder to reach surfaces I put it on.  First it was on the coffee table, when he suddenly remembered after weeks of not noticing that his hairbrush handle is his favorite thing in the whole world to chew on.  I tolerated it for a few minutes, and then remembered how expensive all dog-related products are, so I confiscated it and put it on the TV stand, which is probably about five feet high.  Undeterred, he quickly realized that his crate was right next to it and that he could probably jump on the crate and reach the brush (note: he has never jumped on or stood on top of his crate).  He had a little trouble reaching the brush through the leaves of the aloe plant on the edge of the TV stand, but he got there eventually.  Impressed though I was, I still didn't want him destroying the brush, so I put it on the kitchen counter, which is roughly the same height of the TV stand but without the obvious stepping stool of the crate next to it.  It is, however, only about four feet from the couch, and so wonderdog climbed up onto the back of the couch and assumed his crouch position as he deliberated whether this was a good idea.  I had visions of him hitting his head on the countertop, and so ended the game by taking him for a walk.  Oh, and to add to the entire scene above, he makes this little whining sound which almost sounds like a bird call when he can't reach the brush, so I had a little soundtrack to enjoy as well.
As for work, I am currently in the midst of putting together presentations on things I don't understand, and am fairly certain I am the dumbest person ever to work here.  But it will all come together in time, right?


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