Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The 510

So far, I've really been enjoying Oakland. The area around my office
has a cute little modern strip of restaurants, and just around the
corner there's the historic district with yet more restaurants,
Chinatown (ditto), and on Fridays there's even a Farmers' Market.
We're also just a few blocks from a place called Preservation Park,
which is a small oasis of old Victorians, one of which has a cheap
Brazilian sandwich place.

However, I experienced the dark side of my new commute this morning.
I ended up cutting it a little late to work today given a misplaced
boot incident. I was going to arrive at my station at about 5 til 9,
which would actually have me at my desk at like 2 til 9 (shortest part
of my commute-- getting off the train and to my desk). But as we
approached the West Oakland station, we suddenly stopped. We sat for
five minutes. We got an apology but no explanation from our driver.
Five more minutes. Finally, we were informed that we were being held
for 'police action' at the West Oakland station. I have been scouring
the paper, but apparently such activity is too commonplace to make the
news. But I ended up stuck for almost 15 minutes. At least at that
point BART is above ground so I had a pretty view (of West Oakland).


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