Thursday, August 16, 2007

Bindle-free and loving it

First of all, do not invite me to your vacation home if internet access is important to you. Two times this summer, wonderful people have opened their homes to me to enjoy. Two times this summer, their internet access has broken down and not been repaired until just after I leave or just before I leave. Poor Maine, with their struck-by-lightning modem and slow delivery service. I was forced to enjoy the crisp air, beautiful views, and abundant lobsters sans cyberspace.

Now I'm back in the OC, but in the biggest news in some time-- I have a place to live! I was going to make Satchel and me a set of matching bindles to prepare for our sojourn as residents of Mission Dolores Park, but we found a sublet in the Mission through January 1st so are all set! Hopefully, the real estate market yields me one suitable listing in the meantime, otherwise I may have postponed our homeless stint for the colder months of the year.

I officially take over my sublet on the 22nd, but likely won't come up until the week after. Prepare to meet a completely shaven Satchel (new insights: he is tiny, his front legs turn out when he stands, and his white blaze on his chest is actually covered in black spots--maybe he's a cockapoomatian?) and to eat a lot of good food with me very soon. Unless you don't live there.


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