Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The Final Countdown

Yes, Sasha, it was The Departed.

I am headed up to San Francisco today! I can hardly believe this is finally happening. My biggest focus over the past week or so has been trying to figure out how Satchel's days will be filled while I am at work. There is a surprisingly wide array of services available, and I have yet to find the one which doesn't involve some compromises. There's day care, which is the best because it means he's taken care of all day, and the worst because there aren't any near my apartment and I either have to pay for a car or leave my house at 6am to walk him there. There's group outing dog walkers, and I even found one who specializes in small dogs and covers my neighborhood, but she comes too early in the day so I'd probably have to pay for an individual walker to come in the afternoon or come home from work at 4 every day (I seem to recall that not being the best way to make a good impression on an employer, but it has been two years since I've had a real job). And then there's just regular old dog walkers, who I'd need to come twice a day but maybe will end up being the answer. Add in the fact that I am extremely neurotic about Satchel's care, and I've managed to not stress at all about my new job and the fact that I'm moving into an apartment I've never seen.

The one thing I did figure out is Labor Day weekend. We are going to a dog-friendly inn in Mendocino, complete with a canoe rigged up so you can take your dog out on it.

And yes, welcome to the new Juliedelphia, unofficially titled "Satch Francisco". Dog dog dog dog dog dog. Fine, I promise to adhere to my every other post rule in terms of spazzing out about the big guy.


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