Friday, September 14, 2007

Rockin' my Jeansfit

It's my last day of my first week of work, and it's too early to say
what it's really like. Since I don't have any official project yet
(since my manager is out), I have been getting myself set up on the
many systems I'll have to use, taking online training courses, and
reading decks. All in all, nothing too taxing. I consider this week
basically a transition back into the working world. I am going
through the motions of being a working person without actually
working. I get up in the morning, dress up in nicer clothes, and walk
down to BART and pile on with the commuters. I go into my office, I
sit at my computer, and then I don't do much. I go to lunch and/or
coffee with people. Then, I call it a day, get back on BART with the
commuters, and head home. It's like I'm play-acting as an employed
person. I am sure I will miss this carefree existence when the work
starts piling up.

My heading refers to a term I learned from a woman who was working
counselling troubled teens in Oakland. A 'jeansfit' is simply an
outfit that includes jeans as part of it. A recent and welcome policy
change here is that jeans are allowed on Friday, a fact I didn't know
until my first day. This thrills me to no end for some reason, though
I did fear coming in this morning that this was a prank pulled on the
new girl so she had to walk around in inappropriate clothing all day.
But in fact, we are all sporting the casual look today, aka what I
wore every day for the past two years.


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