Monday, October 29, 2007

Juliedelphia goes legit (temporarily)

OK I didn't actually get to do any blogging from there, but I was in
Philly! For two days! And it rained a lot. And I got to do
recruiting, which (guess what?) is completely less stressful when
you're the one hiring instead of the one begging for a job.

I had an absolute blast catching up with the head writers, telling a
new generation of first years they're not funny, and randomly catching
up with a bunch of people from my class who happened to be in town
doing their own recruiting. I also got to bond with some of my
co-workers, who continue to be very cool to hang out with. The
weekend was filled with more non-stop fun such that my cab driver last
night, upon hearing my hoarse voice, gave me medical advice the entire
ride up from SFO.

I have to admit to feeling a pang that I'm not on the east coast, even
as I remain convince that my decision to come back here was the right
one. It was funny catching up with my friend Nisha (my China
sidekick), who went through a similar decision process and chose NY
over the Bay Area. She kept saying she already feels like she made
the wrong choice, and given how many of my friends who became so
important to me over the past two years are now in NY, I could say the
same thing. But the thing is, I think my peer group is just
hopelessly dispersed, and there is no right or wrong choice of where
to be any more. I wish I could force everyone I love to move to the
same city (I think real estate is really cheap in Des Moines), but
it's not meant to be. I only hope that this year will be filled with
many visits to New York, Austin, Chicago, Houston, Orange County,
Philly, and who knows, maybe even Kentucky.

In the meantime, I'm back in SF. And t-minus four days til my parents
have to give me my dog back, if they haven't fled the country with


Blogger Roger said...

Well, there were smoky fires in OC, and we wanted to keep the big guy safe. He seems happy--likes chasing the wallabies. . .

2:43 PM  

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