Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Ranch Weekend Recap

First of all, before you sic the SPCA on me, Satchel did not actually do a keg stand. But just ast every kid has to take the portrait on Santa's lap, Satchel could not escape the weekend without the standard Ranch Weekend portrait. Besides, in not requring opposable thumbs, the keg stand shot was easier to stage than "Satchel does a Jello shot".

Satchel did attempt to drink his first beer. When he came upon a not empty beer cup on the floor, he was treated to an impassioned plea from Ruthie along the lines of, "Oh, no, Satchel. You really don't want to do that." And really, I think that kind of tactic is far more persuasive than just picking up the cup and taking it away.

Ranch weekend was a bunch of people sitting on Ruthie's family's super-beautiful ranch in Texas and doing very ranch-like things, like fishing, walking near the cows, football watching, eating BBQ and queso, and playing really sketchy drinking games. It was fun to see some old friends, and interesting to meet some new ones. I have to say that post-business school I've settled back into a more normal version of myself, and it was interesting to go on a weekend where I was on the tamest end of the spectrum. It was really fun, but it was different to be the least crazy person in the room. For instance, I've never taken my clothes off as part of a drinking game (and I still haven't). But it was fun to watch other people be crazy, and I'd overall rank the weekend strong to very strong. I ate way too much, I drank too much, I danced on a counter, and I am exhausted two days later.

Satchel was in a bandanna the whole time, and delighted in the constant attention. He also discovered cows, and evolved from being extremely frightened of them to extremely excited about them after they appeared to be scared of his terrifying bark. Also, thanks to Marji and Roger, he's completely golf cart obsessed, which proved to be a problem since people took the golf cart out frequently and he would charge at it unless I scooped him up and kept him away.


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