Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Satchel's Mom Has Got It Goin' On

This weekend, Glotz and Krista told me an interesting story. Alex Glotzbach, the wisest 3 year old I know, asked her father during their nightly 'deep talk at bedtime' why Satchel didn't have a daddy.  Alex is a little obsessed with Satchel (and he is, in turn, terrified of her), so her interest seemed natural.  And I suppose at that point in your life, you start to think about your family and the order of things.  But it raises a few thoughts in my mind:
1. A three year old thinks it's weird I'm single
2. A three year old who has witnessed her mother go through the miracle of pregnancy with her younger sister has decided that her "Aunt Julie" gave birth to a dog
3. A three year old sits up at night worrying about Satchel's home life
I'm not sure which of these disturbs me the most.


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