Tuesday, June 24, 2008

LoFoMa Stinks!

I am loving my new apartment, though it is far from settled and I have a long way to go before it will be.  I'm also enjoying my location a scant three blocks from my former home in Russian Hollow.  I have officially changed zip codes and can no longer deny the Marina-ness of where I live, but since I'm closer to Polk than I am to Fillmore (the start of the true Marina), and closer to the heart of Cow Hollow as well, saying I live in the Marina is a bit misleading.  People have been reacting to the Russiarina with confusion, so I think Lower Fort Mason is going to be my new name for this neighborhood.  Fort Mason is Satchel's regular weekday park, and is where I've seen the wild parrots many times.
Today, my Fort Mason adjacency became even clearer on my morning walk.  We were rounding the corner, still four blocks from the edge of the park, when I saw dark little creatures scurrying across the sidewalk and into the bushes in front of a building.  I freaked out thinking it was a pack of rats (it is trash day), and was unsure if I should continue walking my 'bigger than a rat but smaller than a pack of rats' cockapoo or turn around.  I decided to continue, and when I was still about 10 yards away saw this 'pack' up closely as it scurried away from the building across the street.  It was two skunks, and I had mistaken their long tails as separate animals.  Fortunately Satchel and I did not get sprayed (I know a woman who had the misfortune of having her dog get sprayed at Fort Mason), and I now know to keep my eyes open, even on the city streets.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Pens, Quarters, and the Jew

The first two are the items which I can never find in my apartment when I need them, and which are everywhere when it's time to move out. I could barely finish a load of laundry two weeks ago (I ended up skipping the dryer step), and when I moved out I found approximately $10 in quarters. Clearly they were hiding from me. And does anyone need a pen? I have about 1000 of them.

I moved. It was less painful than it could have been thanks to help from Marji and Roger. And though the place is far from settled, it does already feel like home and I love it. Come visit!

Also, at Ross' graduation from GSB on Saturday, my ceremony-induced nap was interrupted by an odd turn of phrase from the dean. The scene as it unfurled:

Julie wakes up, looks around surprised. Marji does the same, turns to Julie

Marji: Did he just say, "The Jew"?
Julie: Um, yes, he did.
Marji: What did he say about "The Jew"?
Julie: That it's his responsibility to go out and lead organizations and communities. Why is it our job?
Julie and Marji begin laughing inappropriately
Roger: You guys are hearing stuff. I bet he said "Did you..." like in Woody Allen.

Later follow up with Ross was fruitless, as he also zoned out. He did send us the video transcript today, and on first watching I felt vindicated that he did say "The Jew." On second viewing, I have to assume he meant to say "That you" as in "So that you go out and" blah blah blah all the things MBA's are supposed to go do. I prefer the first version.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Home is Where the Ugly Rug Is

Some photos of my new place with the old people's stuff.

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Satchel in Motion

I just love these pictures:

Monday, June 02, 2008

Very Important Country Music Fans


Ruthie and I were very important country music fans last night. We went to a Tim McGraw concert, complete with awesome seats and passes to a pre-show BBQ featuring an acoustic set by Mr. Tim McGraw himself. Since I am usually neither very important nor a country music fan, this was a pretty big event. I had zero knowledge of Tim's music before last week, but have to admit I like some of his songs, and the concert was amazing. Also, being a VIP rules. The people-watching was beyond compare, and I realize that I am wearing way too little makeup and way too many clothes. I also realize that the older you are, the more appropriate it is to dance on a chair and wave your arms in the air as if you're spasming. Also, Houston people really know their country music (still don't know the name of the apparently amazing mega-star who joined Tim onstage at the end of the show, though I'm still deaf from the screams of recognition from everyone around me. And no, it was not Faith Hill. Even I know who that is.). And Roger Clemens is apparently still beloved in Houston, since he was there and was mobbed by fans and got a huge cheer when Tim greeted him from the stage.

I have also had the chance to remember why Texas is superior to California, namely queso, Sonic cheesy tots and cherry limeade, Potbelly sandwiches, Whataburger sausage egg taquitos, Central Market tortillas, Sass salad dressing, and Shiner.