Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Riot Days

I keep getting sent home for work because of riots. There's a terrible story playing out here in Oakland about a fatal shooting that appeared to be unjustified by a BART (our subway) police officer on New Year's day, and the community has been marching in frustration. Unfortunately, it's impossible to have a peaceful demonstration in Oakland with that much anger pent up, so last Wednesday there were fires, broken windows, and many arrests. The next day, they sent us home at 2pm because they were concerned there would be another riot coming out of the march scheduled for the afternoon. Yesterday they sent us home at 3pm because there was a march in the city, and they were concerned BART service would be affected and none of us would be able to get home (fun fact: you cannot walk across the Bay Bridge). And they've asked us to not come in tomorrow because there's another march planned.

All this means is a terrible event has led to a lot of free afternoons. And it was 75 degrees in the city yesterday, so it was quite lovely to go home.

It's also meant a reminder of how RIDICULOUS San Francisco protesters are. At least the Oakland ones, while violent, have remained on topic. This is from the Chronicle's chronicle (hee!) of yesterday's protest in the 415:

"The rally began calmly at the Civic Center Plaza around 5 p.m. with about 100 demonstrators who said they were protesting brutality against the citizens of Oakland and Greece, as well as the Palestinians."

WHAT? Greece? And yes, there is a lot going on in Gaza right now, but do the BART police have much to do with that? Pick a topic, ONE topic, and please please stick to it.


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