Tuesday, April 22, 2008

More Matzo Madness

The greatest unintentionally comedic major city newspaper in the US (China Daily News has us beat internationally, unfortunately) the San Francisco Chronicle has decided to cover the matzo shortage!
I also have to say that preparing and hosting a seder makes me think of my grandmother so much.  I find that I lapse into telling stories she told me about her seders in younger days, and I think I first attempted my Julia Child imitation making haroses with her when I was about 14.  I'm glad I got to have at least one family member at the table to humor me in my nostalgia.
On an unrelated note if I had graduated Whaton one year later, not only could I enjoy Potbelly Sandwich Works (finally opened there, still not open in California), but I could be deciding the Democratic primary kind of sort of but not really. 


Saturday, April 19, 2008

Matzoh Mayhem

Are you aware that the grocers of the city of San Francisco are completely sold out of matzoh? Judging by the panicked-looking people with larger noses I encountered at the four different retailers I visited this morning (I called two more), I was not the only last minute shopper left in the lurch. Fortunately, Ross bought the last four boxes of matzoh in the 650 area code and will be bringing them up for the second night seder tomorrow, and I'm not sedering tonight anyway.

On a completely unrelated note, I cannot stop quoting 30 Rock's "MILF Island" episode. So in that spirit-- Safeway, I no longer want to hit that.

Monday, April 07, 2008

April Madness, or Basektball Rolls On

After a plummet from the top going into the Final Four, I have
rebounded to second place in my Wharton pool thanks to my knowledge
that the ACC is a bunch of showboating jokers and that the Big 12 is
tougher than it looks. Depending on the outcome of tonight's game, I
am either looking at a $50 payout (Memphis wins) or a $100 payout
(Kansas wins). Either way, I am looking at the prospect of beating
out 35 or 36 obnoxious investment bankers who think girls know nothing
about sports. And while I acknowledge winning NCAA pools has nothing
to do with knowing about sports, I still am talking smack in my own
mind. And yes, I'd be winning even more money if I followed my head,
which knows the Pac 10 is always overrated, instead of my heart, which
is like the girl who keeps going back to the guy who breaks her heart
every time.

Even more exciting than my minor money win is that STANFORD is going
to the National Championship game!!! Yes, my heart has me get
overinvested in the Stanford men each year, but it's the women who
generally deliver. And this year, they've taken it to a whole new
level, overcoming an insulting 2-seed from the NCAA knuckleheads and
fighting their way into the championship game.

But of course, the real April madness is the devastating blow
delivered by one Mike "Benedict Arnold" Montgomery, who (if you need
reminding) quit Stanford during a recruiting weekend (because you
can't spell 'classy' without 'assy') to join that perennial NBA
powerhouse, the Golden State Warriors. He had a disastrous run, we
had a disastrous run. He overcame his by getting sacked, we overcame
ours by the second coming of the
Now both those eras have come to an end, both with sad results for
Stanford fans. Our twins are dropping out with a sophomore level
education, and Mike's going to coach at Kal. I only hope that
sometime in the near future, the Stanford men's team is able to repay
Montgomery in the same way Kansas got to pay back Roy Williams on
Saturday. If they could do that in the semi-finals of the tournament,
that would be even better. Both of these seem unlikely.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Satchel Yo-Yo

Oh, the excitement of spring. The Dodgers are back. I no longer am dominating the Wharton pool because a certain team (cough LOUISVILLE cough) failed to do what they were supposed to do. Of course, I respect no one who got the final four right, because picking four #1 seeds.... sorry, I fell asleep from boredom just thinking about it.

I think a year ago I was dressing up for a Playboy party and getting ready to get all my stuff stolen in Miami. My excitement for this week? I got Satchel an extendable leash. Walking him now is kind of like having a cockapoo yo-yo: I walk as I normally would, and he runs from 15 feet ahead of me to 15 feet behind me and back again. It's great for him, and it's great for me too. It solves the problem I used to have when he'd sometimes go on strike and throw his body down and refuse to walk any more, usually because I made him leave the dog treat store, which he believes is his rightful home. Now I get about 15 feet ahead of him and the separation anxiety wins out and he runs to catch up. It's fantastic.

Also, as a follow up to my Muni Tales, one of the drivers (the one who ran the red lights early in the morning) was named "Luwana". I could not make this stuff up.