Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Pythons Are Coming?

OK, apparently these giant pythons are coming and there's nothing we
can do about it. This is the strangest article I've ever read, but
given my fear of snakes and the size of my dog, it's also the
scariest. Be sure to not have a sip of milk when you read the line
about the beavers.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Philly Follies

I went to Philly and saw Follies! And I didn't know any of the jokes
or songs in advance (though my "Rehab" prediction was uncannily on the
mark). The show was great, and I got to reunite with my deviant
writers/Follies friends, and experience the feeling of being the guy
who graduates and can't stop hanging around. I also got to eat Little
Pete's at 3am and Primo Hoagies at a more reasonable hour, and got
asked to make sure 'no one else' hung out in the absurdly fancy room
in the back of Bonner's (the diviest bar in the diviest city in

The fun part of all this was US Air's attempt to keep me from the
show, by delaying my
chosen-because-it-gave-me-time-to-go-to-Good-Dog-for-a-burger flight
to almost missing the show entirely. I did get in time for a quick
set of drinks at Penne, the fancy Italian restaurant across the street
from school. This is hilarious because I've been to Penne exactly
twice before, and it was because for the past two years, Ahin, Niels
and I ran to Penne to get adult beverages between the 5pm and 9pm
shows. We couldn't get into pub for various reasons, and the absurdly
short break made it the logical choice. So in some ways US Air helped
me recreate that rushed feeling. This time was more fun than prior
times because we had a bigger group (lots of people came back, fun!),
and because it was Valentine's Day which means we were the weird group
being too loud at the bar in grubby clothes while all these couples
enjoyed a nice dinner out. Of course this year the Dean of the school
didn't join us for cocktails and offer to pick up the tab (first

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Kids and Anchormen Say the Darndest Things

Two funny (to me) things:

During the 4th quarter of that immensely satisfying Superbowl, Alex
Glotzbach walked up to her father and quite calmly said, "Daddy? Can
we watch Finding Nemo? Because we've watched A LOT of football

Also, I've started going to the gym in the morning (yay!), and tend to
watch CNN when I'm on a machine with a TV. The main anchor in the
morning is this guy who says "boy" all the time. Like, "Yesterday,
tornadoes, boy, that's just tragic, ripped through the southeast." Or
"The stock market, boy, well to talk about the losses today is CNN
Money reporter..." It cracks me up. He does it all the time.