Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Do My Job

Lucky me! It turns out that one of my first year writers has been blogging. And wouldn't you know it, she blogged about the Edward 40 hands night. So instead of having to post my own pictures, I can just link to her account of it. In case you want to know more.

Not Lovin' It

I spent eight hours yesterday working on two final papers and two final presentations. These represent finals for two of my classes, and a midterm paper for a third. All of them were about McDonald's. That means that from 5pm til 1am, I did nothing but think about, talk about, and write about McDonald's. Guess what I had for dinner?

That's right, leftover lamb chops.

Dear Glotz

In response to:

Matthew Glotzbach said...
OK, I thought you bizschool kids were supposed to be smart. You can embed videos in your blog post. In fact, both Google Video and YouTube have a "Email - Blog - Post to MySpace" button. It then gives you a snippet of HTML that you can paste into your blog. Enjoy!

Juliedelphia said....

In fact, I have tried this several times with several different videos on Google video (while biz school kids may not be smart, we can, for the most part, read), and it always fails. Scary red error message after many minutes of trying to post. Fun times! This should not be a blogger complaint board, but I couldn't have my readers doubting my tech savviness. Also, new blogger fails to remember my username, no matter how many times I tell it to. It did finally fix the picture upload problem though, so point- new blogger!

And yes, that is Justin!

Best Video Yet

This is a home video in which Satchel attempts to attack the demon air coming out of my hairdryer. By the way, why won't Google video allow me to embed this into my blog? Is it the same reason blogger can't remember my username? Or the same reason that attempting to hyperlink leads to posts with all of the words after the linked phrase deleted? Get it together, Google.


By the way, the trick seems to be you have to do your links in the HTML window, because Compose is all brokedown.

Time for bed. I hate finals week.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Edward 40 Hands

Do not play this game ever.

Friday, February 23, 2007

More Videos

Sorry I haven't posted in a while. This week was busy. Also, last night the first year writers taped 40 ounce bottles of malt liquor to Niels' and my hands and locked us in a basement forcing us to listen to a song they recorded. But that's another story.

Three more videos for you. We did spoofs making fun of how lame the first years are using the Mac/PC ads.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Our Last Winter

This week was winter for real. We started with 48 hours of wintry mix, which meant a lot of snow followed by a little freezing rain. The result is snow covering grassy areas and big parts of the sidewalk. This snow is special because the freezing rain left it with a sheer coat of ice on top. The rest of the ground is either wet or covered with muddy slush, salt, and puddles. This means Satchel's paws were in pain every time we tried to walk. I therefore caved and shelled out way too much money for these boots. When I first put them on, he cried, bit me, and then pretended he couldn't walk in them. That little game ended when he saw someone he wanted to say hi to and took off running in them. Now he is somewhat all right with me putting them on because he knows it means we're going to Rittenhouse Square. Most of Rittenhouse Square is grass, and it's now huge fields of slick white ice-covered snow. He likes to run and slip and pick up sticks and run some more. I have nearly wiped out myself several times, but so far he's the only one who's fallen. I will probably think this is less adorable when I inevitably fall.
I just realized that this is probably the last real winter he and I will ever live through. It's snowing a little bit tonight, but most likely there won't be much more of that before spring hits. The snow will melt, and save trips to Tahoe, he won't ever get to run around on the ice and snow again. While I realize this is a big lifestyle upgrade, I can't help but think that we'll both miss the unpredictable nature of him running on winter surfaces.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Let the videos begin!

Follies videos are now available on the web. To give myself a few days of content, I'm only linking to one today. This is officially the first thing we came up with for this year's show. It's totally clean, unlike last year's videos.


Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Happy Satchel Paige Day!

In all the Follies excitement, I neglected to wish everyone a happy Satchel Paige day. He was nominated to the Baseball Hall of Fame on February 9th, so it's known as his day.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Opening Night Picture '07

Harder Now That It's Over

I slept a total of 20 hours last week. I had back to back all nighters. And I could not be sadder that it's all over.

Follies' final performance was last night. The Thursday night 9pm show (the biggest one for the students) was probably the best three hours of my life. It's a 2 hour 15 minute show, but the crowd laughed so much, it ran a full three hours. Everyone says it was funnier than last year's show, and many faculty have told us it's the funniest Follies they've ever seen. Even last year's head writer admitted our show was funnier.

I will have some videos for you guys soon. In the meantime, I am having a hard time accepting the fact that I will never again get to devote months of my life to writing a musical comedy. I don't think I've ever been prouder of anything I've ever done than I am of the show.

Sad. I put the head writer photo that we put in the program at the top.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

San Francisco Dreaming

I've been thinking about being back in the Bay Area a lot this week for various reasons, so it's nice that Ross sent me this to draw me back to reality. Based on my four years of relying on the J-Church to get me around, this haiku made me especially happy:

Rustling leaves blow by
As cold fog rolls down Twin Peaks
We see no J Church