Sunday, February 18, 2007

Our Last Winter

This week was winter for real. We started with 48 hours of wintry mix, which meant a lot of snow followed by a little freezing rain. The result is snow covering grassy areas and big parts of the sidewalk. This snow is special because the freezing rain left it with a sheer coat of ice on top. The rest of the ground is either wet or covered with muddy slush, salt, and puddles. This means Satchel's paws were in pain every time we tried to walk. I therefore caved and shelled out way too much money for these boots. When I first put them on, he cried, bit me, and then pretended he couldn't walk in them. That little game ended when he saw someone he wanted to say hi to and took off running in them. Now he is somewhat all right with me putting them on because he knows it means we're going to Rittenhouse Square. Most of Rittenhouse Square is grass, and it's now huge fields of slick white ice-covered snow. He likes to run and slip and pick up sticks and run some more. I have nearly wiped out myself several times, but so far he's the only one who's fallen. I will probably think this is less adorable when I inevitably fall.
I just realized that this is probably the last real winter he and I will ever live through. It's snowing a little bit tonight, but most likely there won't be much more of that before spring hits. The snow will melt, and save trips to Tahoe, he won't ever get to run around on the ice and snow again. While I realize this is a big lifestyle upgrade, I can't help but think that we'll both miss the unpredictable nature of him running on winter surfaces.


Blogger Ruthie said...

That pic is a framer. Seriously. I will even SEND YOU a frame. It will be one that I purchase at Walgreens, but still.

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