Sunday, January 21, 2007

Grosser than Gross

OK, this is horrifying and disgusting. And I am supposed to be writing a paper. So last year, as my loyal readers will recall, I had a little mouse problem. I had an exterminator come in and he laid down some different types of traps and sealed up some holes where he thought they were getting. And you will also recall that I had a somewhat traumatic Mickey and Minnie double funeral late one Sunday night after an otherwise lovely dinner party.

Since the animal who I can't write about until the next post came home, he has made a practice of chasing around a golf ball until it inevitably rolls under my couch and I have to reach under and get it. He also has been obsessed in general with climbing as far under the couch and reaching as far back as he can (considerably far, given his midget-tude), but I always yank him out, covered in dust. OK, not a post about him but I'm trying to set the scene.

The golf ball was once again missing, so I once again knew it was time to look under the couch. This time I could not see it, so I pulled out a flashlight to get a little more visibility. I saw it, sitting not too far back. Behind it, there was a glue trap hanging from the back of my couch with a half-decomposed mouse corpse stuck to it. I guess sometime a while ago (I need CSI to identify the timing) a mouse got stuck on a glue trap I didn't know was there, and in the struggle the edge of the trap got stuck to the back of the couch where it remains hanging down with the body. I'm wondering if my subletter this summer noticed a smell, or if this happened over Christmas or what. I also wonder if that's what the other animal in my life was so interested in under the couch (he usually came out with empty Nicorette gum packages, which I'm still finding in odd places from my summer subletter).

I've had to leave it for now, though I've blocked off access to the under-couch area. I guess I need to pull the couch out from the wall and pry this very sticky glue trap off the wooden edge of my couch while trying very hard not to see, touch, or even think about the rotting mouse corpse on the other side. Or maybe I can wait until graduation. Roger loves a project!


Blogger Matthew Glotzbach said...

thats disgusting! (you didn't find the horse head in your bed that I left the last time I visited?)

11:25 AM  

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