Monday, December 04, 2006

Two weeks later, one year older

Sorry it's been a while. I realize the posts I left up there were hardly uplifting. This has been hard and it's been hard to come up with trite things to say in times like this. But I'm definitely better than I was. I actually laughed so hard I cried the other day. And I spotted something that I felt like posting.

Philly's public transit system is called SEPTA, and it's awful. Today I noticed they have a slogan (servicemarked and everything!) posted inside the trolley's. The slogan is "We're getting there!" I find such acknowledgment of mediocrity in a marketing slogan to be truly refreshing.

For those who are wondering, there is a new puppy, or there will be. He lives with my parents, but will be joining me in Philly in mid-January. His name is Satchel.


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