Friday, December 22, 2006

I'm in Uruguay, a brand new country for me. We are in this unbelievably plush resort town called Punta del Este, staying at this gorgeous hotel called the Auberge. We're only here for two nights, at which point we join the commoners in town at a more reasonable hotel. This one is so nice we don't really plan to leave the 'grounds' today. While we are a few blocks from the beach, our backyard garden comes complete with a pool, abundant gardenias and hydrangeas, chaise lounges, umbrellas, and a 4pm waffle break. Delightful

Buenos Aires take 2 has been great so far as well. I finally got to see some of the historic sites I missed the first time, including the Plaza de Mayo and their very pink white house. We also went to the modern art museum, which is very nice and in a fabulous building my parents would love. The other high point that didn't involve a ridiculous dinner or my new favorite shoes was tea at the Hotel Alvear. I heard all about this place last time, but again had no time to go. We had a tea there which was delicious and the whole ritual was so elegant, right down to our waitress's white gloves. Also, the all you can eat until you explode tea (we shared 2 for the three of us, at our waitress's suggestion) was $17, so really $34 for the three of us. We opted to spend $2 more/person to upgrade to the rose tea, which included kir royals or champagne as well. Best $2 we ever spent.

Ross, the Alvear is great, Sotto Vocce is fantastic Italian food, and Desde was wonderful Argentine food in the not-to-be-missed Palermo section of town.

Back to my chaise lounge!


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