Wednesday, December 21, 2005


Here’s my thing on accounting: the textbook they gave us (nay, sold us, for about $130 no less) is completely useless.  It doesn’t even cover the topics we do in the second half of the class, and the coverage it provides in the first half is too basic to be of any use.  This leaves us with the lecture notes and practice tests as learning materials; the lecture notes are too high level and vague to provide any direction, and the practice tests are pretty near impossible (which is fair, as the real tests are as well) and the answer keys provide next to no explanation so you can’t even really learn from that. 


I rarely have much to say in course evaluations, but I wrote on both sides of my accounting one.  This is a hard topic and they are failing to give us the materials needed to study.


Three hours until I try to do better on a test than at least 10% of my classmates.




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