Saturday, December 17, 2005


One final down, three to go (plus a paper). You know what that means-- I've been locked up in conference rooms writing a script! Oh, I mean I've been studying hard. Actually, we're done writing until after the break, so now the studying begins in earnest.

After my first final, we experienced my new favorite weather phenomenon: freezing rain. It combines the discomfort of 'wet' with the unpleasantness of 'cold', removing the 'at least it's not too cold' element of normal rain and the 'ooh, this is pretty and soft' of snow. It also led to a completely frozen sidewalk, particularly on the Walnut Street bridge I and about ten people decided to walk across after our post-final margarita fest.

I fell early and hard. I have several giant bruises to show for it. After that I was assigned a 'minder', and the guys would rotate who had to walk with me vs. who could try ice skating across the bridge. By my count, we had two people careen off the curb into parked cars, three near falls, and one guy did the splits.

I love the east coast!


Blogger DJ said...

yeah, this stuff we got was bad. My whole drive is pretty much an icesheet, and considering it is on a slope, that is bad.

Gonna have to go and get a ton of sand and just bury the whole thing :)

I'm just a random blog surfer, ignore at will :)

2:58 PM  

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