Thursday, December 08, 2005

I applied!

Today, I applied for nine jobs.  I haven’t applied for a job in three years, so it feels really strange.  But my letters and resumes are in, I’m sure I’ll discover glaring typos in about a week’s time.


Tomorrow we have interview boot camp and then I’m writing Follies for the rest of the day, all day Saturday, and all day Sunday including a cast read through.  This weekend also includes two Accounting final review sessions (optimized to conflict with other things I want to do and ridiculously early given that final is my last one, on the 21st).  And at some point, I’d really like to get a bed.


I also wanted to share that I ate at the ‘best’ (quotations because I have not enough data to fairly judge for myself—this was basically the Chez Panisse or French Laundry of Philly, which would be on everyone’s list) restaurant in Philadelphia.  It’s called Le Bec Fin, and you have your choice between a six course meal and a ten course meal.  We went six, and it was absolutely incredible.  Here’s what we got:


Grilled foie gras with butternut squash and a little piece of savory French toast (which was actually on the ten course menu, but we begged.  The slices of foie gras were huge and there were multiple.  Before you write in angry letters about goose cruelty, I ordered it because you duck lovers are going to take it off our menus soon enough so I may as well enjoy it while I can.)

Black sea bass with squash three ways, toasted pumpkin seeds, and fresh verbena emulsion (How do I love squash?  Let me count the ways!)

Pennsylvania rack of lamb,flageolet beans casserole, natural jus flavored with thyme

A selection of fresh cheeses—this restaurant is the reason I can get Red Hawk in Philly (the gourmet cheese shop is their supplier), so I had a knowing smile on my face when the cheese cart  wheeled up.  However, as the fromager (made up word, I don’t know the real one) went through them all, I realized they had a French washed-rind cow’s milk cheese, not Red Hawk.  I said something and he said they were out, which implies that the Red Hawk shopping spree I went on when I got my 10% off card for the cheese shop is affecting the Philly dining scene.  Who knew?  I did have Humboldt fog, and about six other yummy cheeses.  There was no limit to how many we could try.

Sorbet- I went lemon basil

Dessert- Like the cheese, they were into quantity.  There were maybe 15 different cakes to choose from, I chose two, and they shook their heads at me and gave me a plate with about six little tastes of different things.


Overall, it was tres delish.  The foie gras was transcendent, but it’s hard to mess that up.  The lamb was outstanding.  The place was overall hilariously old school, with flowery wallpaper and a mustachioed waiter.




Blogger Suds said...

Fromager is very real - plenty of them in France and can be used to describe a "cheese sommelier"

Quince awaits you in SF.

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