Sunday, December 11, 2005


It seems like just yesterday I was on the eve of finals week, and here they are again. This time is weird because I only have one final this week and it's not til Thursday, and it's not my really hard one (I have two of those, actually, and they're the last ones I have!). But in the meantime, I have plenty of activities to fill my time. They are (in order):

1. Finally send out thank you notes for my birthday presents (sorry, everyone)
2. Get a new bed-- Ikea tomorrow, and I roped in a magical elf to help me put it together.
3. Rewrite a whole bunch of follies crap-- we had our first readthrough with the cast today, and it was very illuminating. So now's the time when the writers get into a panic and start trying to fix everything that didn't work. I should point out I've spent the past three days locked up with the writers, and we went to the follies holiday party last night. My 'real' friends are starting to send out a search party, which basically means they feel like the rest of you people. Maybe they need to start reading the blog. Speaking of which, I have officially been outed-- Swalker, Big Gay Clay is in the follies cast, and he brought up my blog when I met him last night at the party. Fortunately he (1) was falling down drunk when he informed me and (b) probably doesn't really care/know how to find it. But shhhh, everyone, especially those who come to visit!
4. Clean this apartment. It's like an accounting notebook exploded in here.

Finally, there is snow everywhere. And guess what, kids-- it's not just cold and pretty. It's also really hard to walk on. I will be falling plenty this winter.


Blogger Matthew Glotzbach said...

Its hard for me to understand how one would find it hard to walk in the snow and ice, having grown up in Indiana and then spent 4 years in snowy Ithaca. But then, I realized its probably because you aren't prepared. So, I found just the thing for you. You need a brand new pair of boots. I bet if you ask nicely, and assuming you haven't been too naughty, Santa will bring you a pair for... oh, wait, you're Jewish. Never mind.

11:01 AM  
Anonymous swalker said...

Sorry for the unintentional outing! I thought "my friend's blog" was generic enough. Oops!

1:05 PM  

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