Monday, December 19, 2005

Managing People Named Dirk

Seriously, I just took a final that was the most miserable test-taking experience of my life. And I’ve taken some bad tests. I was warned by second years that this would be the case, but it was just a joke. Imagine a class with a 300 page bulkpack comprising about 24 articles, each with about two major theories on ‘how to manage people’, a packet of articles (given to us three days in advance) about how great it is to work at IKEA, and then a test for which we have two hours with seven questions, each of which reads something like, “Applying three frameworks from this class, discuss how you would improve IKEA’s mentorship program.” It was icky. Open book open note is no fun when there’s this much content and questions you could write about for days. Why this was seen as a good in-class exercise rather than a take-home exam or even a well thought out final paper is beyond me.

OPIM and Accounting, my two hardest finals, remain. Pray for me.


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