Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Ghost Library

During finals week, I basically live in our fine arts library.  It’s this beautiful giant red building with high windows and beautiful brick walls with stone flourishes throughout.  It also has great tables and good lighting.  This week it was packed, as one might expect.  However, yesterday it was at about 25% its normal capacity.  This wasn’t totally shocking, people are slowly finishing finals and fleeing beautiful Philadelphia for the break.  However, we first years (the ones not bright enough to waive accounting) have our hardest final at 6pm tonight.  Which basically means that we’re still in it to win it.  I turned up at the library today, and there was a sign up saying it’s closing at 5pm (it’s usually open until midnight).  I walked in and there are literally ten people in the whole place, eight of whom are my classmates and two of whom appear to be random TA’s grading final papers.


This place is officially a ghost town, and we are officially the saddest people on the planet for having our hardest final on the last day of the test period.  I would’ve studied so much harder for this if it were my first exam.  Since it’s my last, I lost momentum. My finals literally went from easiest to hardest, and there’s no way to maintain the focus you need to take the last final last.


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