Friday, October 07, 2005

On the Market

Hey kids-- I think I'm starting to get the hang of this place. I've beat the mean on every assignment/test so far (accounting hasn't come back and will no doubt change that). I haven't missed a single class. I have a fantastic group of friends. I have found a couple of places which sell produce which is almost as good as the worst stuff at Safeway.

So now that I have the hang of it, recruiting began. Yes, less than three months after I walked away from a perfectly good job, I have to start looking again. We have "EIS's" (Employer Information Sessions) booked five deep during every free moment from now on. These are stressful. You sit and listen to a pitch and then claw your way up to talk to the host company representatives and try to ask insightful questions which highlight how spectacular you are.

I realized something at my first two EIS's. I don't really want a job. I love it here. It's fun going to class only four days a week. And this whole job search thing seems way too complicated to me.

Maybe I'll finally figure these things out, and then we'll start having to take classes blindfolded.


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