Monday, September 19, 2005

Jesus Shaves

It's come to my attention that some readers of this fine blog think that my life is too focused on the trivial. Comments such as "Is this camp?" and "Are you EVER sober?" and "Have you been to class yet?" have been passed along, and I realize that I'm not giving my audience what they want. So instead of chronicling my impressions of last Thursday's "Naughty Schoolgirl" party, I'm going to write to you about where I stand academically.

I spent about eight hours of each day this weekend doing nothing but studying. This included a four hour learning team meeting about which the less said the better. I caught up on statistics and managed to do pretty well on my quiz this morning. I'm basically done with my magic problem set due Thursday, and I actually understand it. I caught up enough in accounting that I did the case correctly for today's class. And though my paralyzing fear keeps me from piping up in marketing, I could've done a great job if I had been cold called on today's case.

What I found funniest about immersing myself so thoroughly in academics was the bizarre overlap between magic (Managerial Economics, for you new readers) and marketing. Marketing this week was a case where you had to devise a marketing strategy for Gillette in Indonesia. To do this, you have to get down to the level of analyzing blade consumption by different types of users, and the profit you can make on each blade sold. In my magic homework, we had to devise a strategy to maximize profits selling razors and blades by bundling them together and sell to different consumers with varying reservation prices, under scenarios with different levels of pricing discrimination. So basically, I spent no fewer than six hours this weekend thinking about pricing razors. Ironically, I'm fresh out of new blades myself.

That's it folks! Tomorrow maybe I'll write about excel models or Assets being equal to Liabilities plus Equity. Or perhaps, a booze cruise review.


Anonymous pmorelli said...

hmm, ya, go back to the drunken orgies. With pics. ;o)


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