Tuesday, September 13, 2005

I Might Pass This One

Finally, a class that doesn't make my head spin. I am currently enrolled in a public speaking class, which is both the most miniscule of my core course requirements (it meets for half a semester and only one day a week) and the one I will definitely be doing the best in. On the first day of class, we had to get up and deliver a two minute impromptu speech introducing ourselves. Then we received criticism. I got a piece of criticism from the instructor, and one from one of my classmates. Here they are (as I recall them):

Instructor: You are remarkably expressive. You should be on the stage.

Classmate: I've been in Julie's cohort and had the opportunity to hear her speak several times, and she's always as polished and energetic as she was just then.

Why can't all of my classes be this? I do have work for it though-- I have to deliver a two minute speech as the CEO of Volkswagen trying to assure shareholders they'll weather through a sex scandal. I plan on using a German accent.



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