Tuesday, August 23, 2005

The Simpsons Are Going to Delaware!

Weekend recap--
Friday night, I went to my first Philadelphia Phillies game, including a pre-game reception with free beer (music to our ears). The game itself was not so great, the Phillies fell behind early and it was never really close, and it was raining. The stadium is beautiful. But most exciting was our encounter with the Philadelphia Phanatic, the Phillies mascot. He came to our pre-game reception and mingled with the crowd a little bit.
For those who are not familiar with the Phanatic, please see the picture. What's not clear in the picture is that he(?) has a paper birthday blowout (like one of those things you blow at a birthday and it unfurls and makes a honking sound) which comes out of the 'snout' on his face. Now I'm not too clear on mascot anatomy, especially of the species 'phanatic', but I'm fairly sure that thing is where a tongue should be. So by that measure, I not only was hugged by the Philly Phanatic, but was licked by him as well.

My other big weekend event (no, not accounting, though that happened too) was my trip to Delaware. I and three of my girlfriends piled into a Philly car share Prius hatchback and did the 40 mile round-trip drive to Delaware to visit that grand traditional tourist destination, "Total Wine Superstore." For those of you unaware of Pennsylvania's draconian alcohol laws, basically you can't buy it many places, and the places where you can buy it it's exorbitantly expensive. Enter Delaware, state of lax corporate legal infrastructure (hence I've only ever worked at companies incorporated in Delaware), and no harsh liquor laws and no sales tax. We drove back with a packed trunk. Between four women, here's a rough inventory of the trunk of the car:

42 bottles of wine
1 case of beer
3 bottles of vodka
2 bottles of vermouth
2 bottles of gin
1 bottle of Jack Daniels
1 bottle tequila

The good news is, I think we're at least two weeks away from having to go on another liquor run to Delaware.


Anonymous Sasha said...

If by two weeks you mean 2-4 days, then sure.

12:10 AM  
Blogger Matthew Glotzbach said...

I'd like to refer you to the schools policy on drugs and alcohol...


I think you need some help. You know Julie, you don't have to drink to fit in. If your girlfriends only like you when you are drinking, then they aren't really your friends.

2:02 AM  
Blogger Deb & Elliott said...

New York is weird about alcohol too. You can buy beer at convenience and grocery stores, but no wine or hard alcohol. You can buy wine and hard alcohol at a liquor store, but not at grocery or convenience. Is this New York's way of encouraging people not to mix alcohol and help them avoid nasty hangovers? I think I'm giving the city too much credit. What a pain in the neck!

10:05 PM  

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