Friday, August 12, 2005

Two Word Problems

Business school classes are largely about learning models which will help you make decisions in the future. For instance, you can use price elasticity and changing parameters around your product to determine if you should change a price. I thought I would give you two word problems to kick your Fridays off right:

1. Julie meets a math and economics major in her cohort (meaning they will take most classes together this year). On day three, the econ/math major offers to do all of Julie's math homework if she will write all of his papers. Is this a good deal? Graph the demand curve that proves this.

2. (Yes or No question, did Julie go too far). Julie meets a guy in her cohort who is potentially even snarkier than she is. Within two days they have a bet over who can pull off the biggest 'lie' on their cohort. They are generally mean and sarcastic to each other every time they meet. Given the following exchange, did Julie go too far? To give the full picture, Snarky Guy is Indian (dot, not feather)(answer below).

J: Hey, what's up!
Snarky guy: Julie! Awesome, I wanted to introduce you to (name deleted)! Meet Julie, the funniest girl at (school name omitted to protect the weak).
J: Funniest GIRL? What does that mean?
SG: Please, you're not even as funny as the least funny guy at all of (school).
J: Wow, so I guess that makes you the funniest Indian at (school).
(Julie exits stage left after blowing a kiss to SG).

So the answer to 2. is that SG referred to me two days later as his "first friend in Philly." However, several eavesdroppers who maybe only heard the last line may think of me as the "first openly racist girl in Philly." So in his mind, I'm all good. In other people's mind, well let's just say I may need my friends Sudhir and Sameer to write me letters of apology.

By the way, "Did Julie Go Too Far" is a potential regular Juliedelphia column topic. I just have a feeling.


Anonymous Maris said...

I think Jules may have found her true love in SG? Bets, anyone?

3:40 PM  

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