Thursday, July 28, 2005

This will get better, I promise

Sneak Preview of Things to Come

I realize when I started this blog, I thought I'd be chronicling the excitement of living in Philadelphia. So far, it's been about packing and eating and being in California. But for those of you who've hung in there (hi, Matt!), I want to offer a preview of things to come.

1. I am going to my first ever Boston Red Sox game at Fenway Park on Saturday night.
2. I will have taken a redeye flight (sfo-bos, my fave) on Friday night, so will have a really crabby post on Saturday morning!
3. On Monday, I will actually be living in Philadelphia.
4. Living in Philadelphia means sleeping on an air mattress of the floor of my new apartment while construction workers install my washer drier and generally make a mess of the place (the glamour of it all).
5. I finally got a digital camera, so pictures will be more prevalent!
6. I thought it would be fun for both my readers to help me decide where to put my furniture in the new apartment, should said furniture ever arrive.
7. Finally writing about that wedding (see below).

So stick around, and thanks for reading so far.

The wedding
My friend Ben married a great girl named Marion, and had what can only be described as a spectacular wedding up on the San Juan islands. The pics below highlight my two favorite parts:
1. It was unbelievably beautiful.
2. They had University of Kentucky beer coozies for the guests.

Look how pretty!

Wendy and Julie heart beer coozies in formal wear!


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