Thursday, July 21, 2005

Islands are Pretty!

Pre-Wedding Activities in the San Juans

Julie furiously debates Eli's ponytail with Amy. Note the other hand remains firmly gripping a fork.

I've decided real pics from this one will have to wait, but I feel neglectful not recapping while it's still a little fresh in my mind. I just got back from a week on the coast of and off the coast of northern Washington state, primarily in the San Juan islands for a wedding. The wedding itself comprised three days of festivities on three different islands, a logistical nightmare for the planners but a total blast for all involved (assuming you were able to negotiate the flight to Seattle, the two hour drive to Anacortes, and the hour ferry to the island we all stayed on). I'll save the wedding recap for more photos, so this'll just cover Thursday and Friday. The wedding was an Austin friend who was also a Stanford friend, so I was reunited with many not-often seen friends, so even without all of the festivities it would've been a blast.

As most of you know, I relate to things in terms of food. So here's a rundown of the weekend leading up to the wedding, with heavy emphasis on meals:

Thursday night- party on San Juan island at a beautiful house. This 'clam bake' actually allowed me to consume my body weight in dungeness crab, bbqed oysters, mussels, salmon, and of course, clams. I always find at the first day of a wedding weekend, you find out who your new best friends will be, and they're generally the people who are, like me, chasing down the waiters carrying canapes or blocking all access to the buffet table. On this evening, my compatriots in the pig out fest discovered if you ate the BBQed oyster and then dunked the bread in the oyster shell, you came out with butter, garlic, parsley, and a hint of oyster flavor. Other people were scared of us.

For dessert course one, blackberry cobbler ala mode. Dessert number two (I think it was actually supposed to be one or the other, but not for me!) was make your own s'mores at the campfire. I knocked over several small children; fortunately, none of them fell into the fire.

To give you an idea of the spectacular scenery (this party was hosted by friends of the bride's family), here's a photo of our table. We're out in back of the house, you could land a plane in front as one of the modes of transportation to get to the party.

Esther, Nikki, Amy, Mary, Jon C., Ben G., Sara and I squint attractively for the camera

Friday was the only day it rained, and I used that as an excuse for a lazy lunch with Paul and Jess and a massage/spa afternoon. Then the rest of my roommates for the weekend arrived, they shifted the emphasis a bit more towards drinking. At the rehearsal dinner, Wendy and Jason convinced the waiters to bring all the leftover wine to our table as we waited for our shuttle back. Many humiliating toasts, a few songs, and one unforgettable slideshow later, we were back home. All I can say is, day II in a row of oysters and mussels. I may move to the San Juans.


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