Sunday, July 10, 2005

Last Dance

Saying goodbye to SF was hard. Very very very very hard. Fortunately, I had some help. I'm also in an extreme state of denial about the fact that I'm not going be there anytime in the foreseeable future, so that's helping as well.

I had a great group of people to spend time with to make sure I did the goodbye right. Between dinner parties, We Pig Out Wednesdays, my official co-worker blowout, and a farewell bar crawl, it's a wonder I managed to pack.

First off, I hit we pig out Wednesdays with Ruthie aka Caroline. We hit (in order) Zuni, Quince, Chez Panisse, and Delfina paired with Chow for dessert (see: my posting on SF restaurants). We also took time to pose like freaky tourists. You like?

I also piled as many women as possible to my goodbye parties (I'm using photographic evidence on this one). There are two happy males in this photo, but the early birds at Bambuddha Lounge were all chicks. I'm a little fuzzy on the full progress of the evening, but I know a bucket of KFC made a key cameo. And some old teams reunited for the first time in a long time. And I got a little emotional when I got an autographed version of the party invite.

I also spent time with people who I thought could help me prepare for business school. Recent HBS grad Sameer claims the key to b-school preparedness is doing lots of shots. Typical MBA-types, we're faking it in this picture because the actual photo didn't come out as well.

May I suggest a dinner party in your honor (menu: jicama and grapefruit salad; panko crusted lamb chops with potato gratin and english peas; and bread pudding for dessert) cooked by your amazing chef friend Sudhir as another good step in the goodbye process? Glotz is in this shot only for show.

I went to the Buena Vista for an Irish coffee on my very last morning, amazing since they were invented there and I lived in San Francisco for six years, one of them just a short walk away from this institution. BTW, true story, my friend Marisa invented Jack and Coke. I was there.

Thanks to everyone who participated in any step of my goodbye process, photographed or no. It was a blast.

KRob, Marissa, and Julie are contemplating their farewells.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Finally. I get the credit I've long deserved for creating one of the most classic drinks ever!

Now, if only you were still around to knock back a few Jack and Cokes with me!

4:27 PM  

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