Sunday, July 10, 2005

Musings from The OC

I've been back in Orange County for over a day now, and I have some observations to share. By the way, this was going to be a recap of my final week and my reflections on how it feels to leave a city like SF, but I'm still waiting for some pictures to include in that one.

Things I've learned over the past day:

1. The 'burbs are quiet. I went from hearing buses, cars, and random conversations in varying mixes wherever I was. Here, I barely hear the swish of a passing car, and there aren't too many of those. Frankly, it's creeping me out.

2. Math is hard. Really hard. I'm trying to get refreshed on Calculus enough to not humiliate myself when I get to school in three weeks, and it took me fifteen minutes (and I finally did have to ask) to find the clear button on my dad's calculator.

3. Fashion Island is really crowded, but the Macy's there is much better than the one at South Coast. Do I sound like an OC girl already?

4. My parents are rad. There's a steady flow of food and options for entertainment, and I am currently at a zero balance on dirty laundry. I have a feeling the novelty of having me home will wear of soon enough, but for now I'm enjoying it. And since we're each going on different week long trips next week (they to Yosemite, I to northern Washington), we'll get to do this honeymoon all over again when we are reunited.

5. I have totally lost the ability to operate a Mac, even though I used one all through college. I'm currently waiting for my new Thinkpad to arrive and stuck borrowing my parents' computers, and they are loyal Mac users. For instance, I can't copy photos out of ofoto, and seem to have lost all formatting options on this blog (I blame Safari most of all).

I have to go watch the sunset now with a beer in one hand and some Red Hawk in the other.


Anonymous Michael Roth said...

I cannot believe there are no comments. This is fascinating material and I know that many others out there will benfit from this blog. Please keep up this important responsibility.

11:14 AM  
Blogger ruthie said...

a zero balance on laundry? your parents *are* rad. how many fish tacos have you had thus far?

8:09 PM  
Blogger Suds said...

There will be plenty of Indians in Philly to help you out with Calculus and other math related activities.

5:43 PM  

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