Sunday, July 31, 2005

Fenway Park Waves Hello

Fenway Park

I finally got to go to Fenway Park last night, for the Red Sox/Twins game. The Sox won, though Manny didn't play due to rancor over his potential trade (which did not happen). It was a fabulous experience, and definitely different from any park I've ever experienced, mostly in great ways. The park was packed, no empty seats like at SBC. The people knew baseball, loved baseball, talked incessantly about baseball. Even the guy who sold me a hat wanted to talk about what was going on inside. It's a beautiful park, and small enough you feel a part of it, no matter where your seats are.

However, I do have one complaint-- the wave. The wave was invented in 1981*. I have fond memories of doing it throughout the mid to late eighties, when I attended a good number of Dodger games. It was fresh. It was current. It was fun. It was twenty years ago. Since then, I've been to Wrigley, Yankee Stadium, PacBell/SBC Park, the Coliseum, Angel Stadium, and I've never seen the wave again. I think it died with the 1990's. Yet there it was at Fenway. They waved persistently, urgently, and scariest of all, without irony. I guess there's something cute about it, but I found it lame most of all. However, the greasy haired biker dudes next to us seemed way less intimidating once they were swept up in the fervor of the wave.

Just like Leann Rimes can't fight the moonlight, Fenway fans cannot fight The Wave

*At a University of Washington football game, no less. They brag about this. Really?


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