Sunday, August 07, 2005

My life, so far

It's hard to recap all that's happened in the past few days. I go to class in the day, and shake hands with about ten new people in passing along the way. Then we go out every night and meet and re-meet even more people. I'm looking forward to staying in tonight. Here's a quick overview of some key moments:

The night I met Sir Charles, I also had the occasion to witness a guy in a full Skeletor costume, complete with cape and rubber mask, walk through the bar lip syncing to Enrique Inglesias's 'Hero'.

Friday night I took a trolley tour of Philly and then went to "First Friday". The first Friday of every month, the art galleries in Old Town do a big open house thing and lots of people go. It was a little less exciting than I had hoped, but I hung out with fun people so it was ok.

I tried sushi for the first time out here (not counting trips to Morimoto on prior visits). It was eh, but I also hit a mid-range place, so I guess you have to go expensive here to get good stuff. Sushi may have to be an infrequent luxury.

We hit the WaWa late night. I have a feeling that the WaWa may get its own dedicated post sometime soon. It's the Philly 7-11, and it does a huge post-last-call business making sandwiches for drunks. The whole thing is bizarre: you have to order your sandwich on a computer, and then you get it and you pay for it. Two weird observations about the WaWa computer ordering system:

  • There is a BLT on the menu board. We could not find it on the computer. On the first screen, you have to tap on your 'genre' of sandwich. We tried every single one (chicken, grilled, cheese, ham--which seemed the most likely, etc.), but the BLT seems to be genre-independent and therefore unavailable to order.
  • (I can't take credit for this one). One of my friends has become obsessed with the fact that on the condiments screen, you can click both "Extra Mayo" AND "Light on the Mayo". It would seem they should be mutually exclusive. We are planning on putting an order through this way next week, a project I'm referring to as "Hack the WaWa". If fifty drunk Philadelphians beat me up when I crash their sandwich ordering system, send money.

And finally, a feature Juliedelphia readers can expect a lot more of in the future
This Week in Philly Phashion
There is a woman who seems to be around the Rittenhouse Square area a lot (cute little park/square a few blocks from my house, also how most people would name my neighborhood) who has long blonde hair with bright pink streaks in it. Perhaps to accentuate these streaks, she wears matching bright pink high top sneakers.

Goodnight, Seattle!


Anonymous Sasha said...

Enrique Iglesias-lip syncing Skeletor look-alikes? Are you sure you moved to the East Coast? Because I was led to believe that such things didn't happen there.

In any case, I bet you didn't see Charo judging a drag queen Charo look-alike contest:
If you did, then you're still in San Francisco, which would explain the whole Skeletor thing.

12:19 PM  

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