Thursday, August 04, 2005

What is a logarithm?

Well, I've been an official student for two days. Here's what I've done:

  • Shaken hands with and had a near identical conversation (my half, anyhow) with no fewer than 45 people--where do you live, where are you from, what did you do, does my butt look big in this skirt, etc.
  • Competed in a scavenger hunt which involved finding things like 'the library' and 'the other library'.
  • Upon completing that scavenger hunt, joined my team for some mid-afternoon margaritas. This was perfect preparation for our BBQ later that evening, which ran out of beer early.
  • That said, I have learned I am not a fan of "Yuengling" beer. It's rampant around here and is not good. Also, it makes me think of the word 'youngling' used to such comic effect in Revenge of the Sith.
  • Found out that due to either some huge karmic wrong I've committed or fate's sense of humor, for pre-term Wharton has placed me in the earliest possible section of both of my morning classes and the latest possible section in my afternoon classes. This means being at school at 8am A LOT, and then having no classes between 10 and 2. I'm sure some of my working friends will envy the mid-day break, but keep in mind I'm a 25 minute bus ride/walk from home, and will probably stick around campus and nap, study, and go to the gym. But I'm a bit annoyed with the inconvenience of it.
  • Ate lunch from a truck. Lunch trucks are all over campus, and serve everything from sandwiches to Indian food to sushi (I might have to work up my nerve to try that). It's a big tradition to eat at the lunch trucks, and I cannot complain about my $2 turkey sandwich.
  • Found Diet Cherry Coke is in the vending machines in the building-- another food bonus for me!
  • Tried Au Bon Pain, our coffee/bakery shop in the building. This cancels out the DCC bonus, the staff appears to be both surly and incompetent, and the lattes taste like soap.
  • Worked out in the prettty nice gym right across the street from campus. But am annoyed that it's iffy if I'll get a locker and I have to pay extra to go to spin class.
  • Bought my first set of books-- $500 and those just get me through pre-term! Lugging the box home was SUPER fun. I took a cab, which is also how I got to school this morning. So far, SEPTA (the bus) has only shown me love once.
  • Met my first Peace Corp volunteer classmate today, so felt very very uninspiring.
  • Started the math camp class (the rest of them are classes which continue into fall, like economics and stats), and was delighted to find the professor is interesting and hilarious. However, three hours in the afternoon is less than delightful, and the class is held in the one room where we can't bring in drinks.
That's about all I have to report for now. It's so hot here I want to cry, and then it rained this afternoon for about a half hour which somehow made it hotter. Why? Why? And how come I appear to be the only one who sweats like a pig in this heat. I swear the other women in my class have some secret makeup and hair tricks I don't know about.


Anonymous Ross said...

Let's've tried both Dunkin & ABP (Au Bon Pain --I know you're new around here), and you hated them both. Seems like you've got some East Coast adapting yet to do....

12:15 AM  

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