Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Settling In. Relatively Speaking.

Huge news on the Juliedelphia front.

1. I passed the dreaded math exam. My score was a 67, passing score was a 55. I owned that test. I am going to be tutoring other people through stats from now on. Granted, in the non-curved world I got a D+, but in the world of the math camp I am a good 20% above the level of failure. Thanks for all of your prayers, cards, and flowers.

2. My stuff arrived! Two very sweaty men began loading furniture into my apartment at 5pm yesterday, which means I had my first night's sleep on a real mattress (excepting that one night with that bartender)(kidding, mother)(JT, you can't call a girl?)(seriously, kidding, mother) in 19 days. I was shocked and amazed at how much stuff I own. I had to unpack like mad just so they'd have room to put down the furniture, and to be honest with you the place still looks like a disaster. But it's my disaster and the TiVo is up and running.

Here's a snapshot from last night to set the scene:


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