Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Math test- a post-script

I realized after I posted that I didn't comment on one of my favorite parts of today. Today was part 1 of advanced Excel, aka Julie finally makes a lifelong commitment to Excel, her one true love. And true to what I've believed, every type of calculus function I had to learn in math camp to pass that silly test is one that my new husband Excel can do for me. So if I hadn't passed and they had heaped some consequences on me like taking a full semester of undergraduate calculus, I would've sent Excel to beat them up because he can do more math than anyone.

I heart Excel.


Blogger Matthew Glotzbach said...

Your new husband excel? Wow, where should I send the wedding gift? Does he want some more memory, or maybe a new wireless mouse? Anyway, Krista, Alex and I are happy for you. May you have long calculations together, never experience any circular references, and remember to take some time out to play the hidden flight simulator together. Hugs and Kisses from SF.

12:52 PM  

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